Performance details

Dates and times

Fri 18 August8pm
Sat 19 August8pm
Rover Night
Sun 20 August3pm
Wed 23 August7pm
Thu 24 August7pm
Fri 25 August8pm
Venturer Night
Sat 26 August2pm
Sat 26 August8pm


Camberwell Showtime performs at the

Hawthorn Arts Centre
– 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

Please send any enquiries regarding tickets to our marketing team.

Maps and public transport

The show runs for somewhere in the realm of 2 and a half hours, including interval.

Times are approximate only at this time

Cast details

Cast dates

Auditions*29/30 April
Collating21 May
Rehearsal 128 May
Rehearsal 24 June
Rehearsal 318 June
Rehearsal 424-25 June
FundraiserTBD - June
Rehearsal 516 July
Rehearsal 623 July
Rehearsal 730 July
Rehearsal 85-6 August
Dress rehearsal 113 August
Dress rehearsal 215 August
Dress rehearsal 316 August
Dress rehearsal 417 August
*Not really an audition - everybody is accepted!


Camberwell Showtime rehearsals aren't your typical musical rehearsal.

Not only do we work together rehearsing the show, but we have a heap of fun doing it.

In addition to item rehearsals, we play games, do challenges, learn new skills and do team bonding activities.

Whilst our rehearsals may seem strange for a musical, it's all for good reason. We've learnt a lot over the last 51 Camberwell Showtimes and make sure we're not just putting on a great show, but also make sure everyone has a great time and learns a lot doing it.

About Camberwell Showtime

Camberwell Showtime is an annual theatrical production, written, produced and performed by the Scouts and Guides of Boroondara. Camberwell Showtime began in 1965, and in 2014 we celebrated our 50th birthday. It is the largest youth and performing arts activity in the City of Boroondara.

Camberwell Showtime is fully written and directed by young people. Most script writers and composers are cast members, aged 11-26. All the songs and scripts are written by up to 80 show members. Through music and comedy, the scripts have tackled family-oriented themes including peer pressure, conformity, consumerism, substance abuse and developing sexuality.

The show is open to young people who are active members of Scouting or Guiding and aged 11 plus by the beginning of Dress Rehearsals. Unlike other theatre groups, Camberwell Showtime accepts everyone who applies and does not audition on talent. Everyone gets a chance to perform on stage or work in one of the Technical Departments. Members of our Technical team must be aged 15 plus.

Camberwell Showtime - like Scouting and Guiding - is primarily an educational activity. The young people may focus on the fun, friendship and excitement, but the real goal is learning. Internally, and with outside assistance, both professional and volunteer, we continually strive to improve the skills of everybody involved.

The main goal of Camberwell Showtime isn't to develop young people for careers in the entertainment and media industries, but many former show members have gone on to enjoy success in these fields. Andy Lee, Steve Vizard, John Safran and Tom Gleisner have all been cast members of Camberwell Showtime, as has Tom Taylor who now writes Star Wars comics as well as his own graphic novels.